Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Remove cracks with auto glass repair and replacement in Norfolk, VA

While driving, a clear view of the road is vital for your safety. If you have a windshield with chips and cracks, these distractions are only going to get worse over time. The Glass King, LLC offers professional auto glass repair you can trust in Norfolk, VA. We'll take a look and tell you if windshield replacement or repair is necessary.

Fixing a windshield chip before it spread can save you hundreds. We also offer services for rear windshield glass and door glass. Call us today for on-site auto glass repair.

When to replace a damaged windshield

As technology in auto glass has improved, a full windshield replacement has become less common. With that being said, there are several situations where a complete replacement is your best option. Schedule windshield replacement if...

The crack is longer than a dollar bill
The crack is deep enough that it penetrated beyond the outer laminate
The crack extends to the outside edge of the windshield

If you've recently been in a serious accident, the force can easily damage the entire windshield structure. Replacement is often the smartest choice. Speak with us today to see if a windshield replacement is right for you.